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Oulu Talent Hub

Oulu Talent Hub brings together and develops regional opportunities and services for international recruitment. We want Oulu to be an internationally attractive place to work, study, carry out research and invest.

Our focus is on talent attraction and retention. We aim to promote international talent employment to companies in the Oulu region and open up employment paths for international talent.

For Oulu Talent Hub, international talent is defined as international specialists, employees, researchers and students. The project is funded by The European Social Fund, ESF, and is part of the Talent Boost programme.

Meet our prestigious ambassadors: Chiara, Moustafa, Sharmin and Niyati.

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Services for international TALENT

Oulu Talent Hub helps international talent by gathering the most suitable professionals from our network to support you. OTH will help international talent and companies with a labour shortage find each other faster than before.

Oulu Talent Hub offers many activities for talents, for example:

  • Contacts with local companies
  • Matchmaking events and info sessions
  • Company visits
  • A tandem model for internship programmes
  • Career counselling

Find a job

Do you want to live and work in the happiest city in the world’s happiest country?*

You can explore open job opportunities on many platforms, including “Jobs in Finland” and “TE employment service”. Or you can directly check company webpages and LinkedIn and send speculative applications.

*Finland named happiest country in the world 5th time in a row

Logo of Jobs in Finland

Jobs in Finland

The Job board, Work in Finland, is a national portal for English-speaking jobs. Here, you’ll find work opportunities aimed at English-speaking professionals in Oulu and throughout Finland.

→Read more about jobs in Finland
Logo of TE-Palvelut

TE employment services

On these pages, you’ll find the keys to starting work and living in Finland as well as open positions. Services are offered to those who are currently working or entering working life, as well as employers.

Read more about job seeking in Finland

→Open positions in Oulu
Logo of Info Finland

The -website contains important information about Finnish services, employment and opportunities in 13 languages.
Local information on Oulu can be found in Finnish, English, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

→Read more about InfoFinland

LIVING in Oulu

Oulu is the fastest growing city region in Arctic Europe with 250,000 inhabitants and 120 nationalities. In Oulu, the modern coastal city culture is combined with lively countryside and beautiful nature. The Oulu region offers many great services and activities for settling in.

Don’t miss the new edition of Welcome to Oulu brochure. Grab a copy from the information point at BusinessAsema. Also, find it online here.


Oulu10 service point

If you have any questions about services provided by the City of Oulu, you can contact a centralised customer service point, Oulu10, which offers a variety of services to all those visiting and living in Oulu.

You can easily find help and advice on a wide range of matters related to Oulu and services offered by the city, such as general information about social and health care and well-being services and information about personal annual limits in social and health care payments.

A wide range of brochures as well as themed and guide maps on services, events and services in Oulu and general information about local exercise opportunities and sports services can be found at Oulu10.

→Read more about Oulu10 Service point


This is a brand new networking concept in Oulu. BusinessAsema offers accessible service spaces that operate as a meeting place for employment activities, business services, students, work contacts and business for the entire Oulu region.

Drop by for lunch or remote work, take a peek into FabLab and take part in events. If you come from out of town, Tourist Information will give you the best tips for your stay in Oulu!

→Read more about BusinessAsema

Finnish Immigration Service

The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) is a government agency under the Ministry of the Interior. It processes and makes decisions on matters related to immigration, residence, refugee issues and Finnish nationality.

In line with our vision “From immigration to citizenship – a leading expert, partner and service specialist”, we strive to be a distinguished and recognised specialist. We grant residence permits to foreign nationals entering Finland, such as students, employees, self-employed people, returnees and family members of foreign nationals living in Finland.

News: The fast track service is now available

→Read morea aobut Migri services

Social Insurance Institution

The Social Insurance Institution (Kela) is a Finnish government agency in charge of settling benefits under national social security programmes.

When you move to Finland from another country, your entitlement to benefits from Kela is determined on the basis of how long you intend to stay in Finland, which country you come from and the reason for your stay in Finland.

→Read more about Social Insurance Institution
Logo of Info Finland

The -website contains important information about Finnish services, employment and opportunities in 13 languages. Local information on Oulu can be found in Finnish, English, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

→Read more about Info Finland

The publication of the occupational safety and health administration contains summarised information for foreign employees on the basic principles of working in Finland – for example, pay, working hours and holidays.

→Read more
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Services for COMPANIES

Do you want to hire international talent in your company? Or is your company already recruiting international talent?

We are here to help you and your company in international recruitment. Oulu Talent Hub services include:

Contacts with international talent

  • Training and counselling
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • National Talent Boost activities

Work in Finland

International recruitment advice service is now available for employers,. Employers in Finland can contact the advice service for questions related to the recruitment, hiring and permit processes, and the settling-in of international talents. The service languages are English and Finnish. The service is provided by the TE office’s Work in Finland experts.

Tel. 0295 016 770
(Mon–Fri 9am–3 pm),


→Read more about service
Logo of BusinessFinland


Talent Explorer Funding

The Explorer funding service enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-cap companies  that are seeking new export markets for a product, service or business model to hire an expert. The company may be in the early stages of internationalisation or already operate internationally.

→Read more about Talent Explorer Funding
Logo of BusinessFinland

Talent Boost

Talent Boost is a programme for companies operating in Finland, which aims to bring companies together with top talent in various fields. We help companies to internationalise by supporting the recruitment of top international talent.

We organise networking events, recruitment campaigns and funding for the recruitment of international talent. Recruitment campaigns and events are also organised in cooperation with cities and the European Employment Services (EURES) network.

» Guide for international recruiting

→Read more about Talent Boost
Logo of Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

ELY Centres support the establishment, growth and development of SMEs by providing advisory, training and expert services and by granting funding for investment and development projects. A special focus is on the internationalisation of companies.

The services offered by ELY Centres cover internationalisation of business operations, improvement of business efficiency and management skills, development of technology and innovation, updating of staff skills and training of new employees. ELY Centres may also contribute to the funding of development projects.

→Read more about Ely Centre’s support
Logo of TE-Palvelut

TE employment services/EURES

EURES assists with recruitment from Europe. EURES is a comprehensive European cooperation network and high-quality public service that brings employees and employers together throughout Europe.

A great tool for recruitment is the EURES portal with its European vacancies and CV database. Employers can advertise job vacancies and browse jobseekers’ CVs in the portal.

You can find free EURES services at the nearest TE Office. In addition, TE offices’ employer and enterprise services experts can give advice on matters related to the recruitment of foreign labour.

→Read more about EURES assistance


When an employer hires a foreign employee, they must ensure that the person obtains the appropriate visa and work and residence permits before starting work. The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) is a government agency under the Ministry of the Interior and supports the process. It makes decisions on matters related to immigration, residence, refugee issues and Finnish nationality.

News: The fast track service is now available.

→Read more about the Finnish Immigration Service
Logo of BusinessFinland


International recruiting guide

International recruiting guide is intended especially for employers who are potentially facing their first international recruitment. The guide contains
essential information that should be considered in international recruitment processes. International recruitment refers to hiring persons from abroad or hiring an international expert already residing in Finland.

→Read more: Guide for international recruiting
Logo of Jobs in Finland

Jobs in Finland

You can add your company’s English speaking vacancies to Jobs in Finland. Open vacancies can be anywhere in Finland.

→Read more about open vacancies in Finland

Are you recruiting people from abroad? Are you wondering about the practical issues in Finland? Support is now available for helping employees to get settled once they arrive in Finland.

→
University of Oulu

The University of Oulu

The University of Oulu offers courses focusing on living and working in Finland to support companies and organisations with international recruitment.

→Read more about services
BusinessOulu logo


Oulu is an internationally competitive city region for many types of entrepreneurial activities and for creative businesses contributing to export and employment. BusinessOulu supports you and your company at all stages: from starting the company to generating growth and creating international opportunities.

→Read more about BusinessOulu company services
Logo of Oulu Chamber of commerce

Oulu Chamber of Commerce’s mentor programme

This is a new mentorship network in the Oulu region, called “Pohjoisen bisneshaltijat”. The aim is that an internationally experienced company can share its experience with companies that want to hire international talent and are exploring international markets.

→Read more about Mentor Programme


Do you want to become an International House Oulu ambassador?

Do you want to be part of the International House Oulu network and get new opportunities? Four ambassadors will start with this programme in April, and it will last until the end of the year 2023.

Read more and apply.

Apply now for free IMAGO coaching

How can you stand out in the labour market and attract the right talent, lead employee experience and build a diverse workplace? The free IMAGO coaching sessions strengthen participants’ competence and understanding of employer branding, diversity-orientated recruitment skills, multicultural and internally strong corporate cultures and employer image development, while also helping the company to identify its own strengths and areas for development as an employer.

Read more: the coaching service is now open for applications.

“Give us a chance, you won’t be disappointed”– how do international experts and companies find each other?

We spoke to Salla Hirvonen, Project Manager for Oulu Talent Hub and others about the many improvements, changes and hinderances faced by both international people and employers in Oulu when it came to hiring an international expert.



Matchmaking event for companies & international talents

Welcome to an online matchmaking event organized by EK and Business Finland Work in Finland-unit. If you are an international talent, who is already in Finland and looking for an employment opportunity in the tech sector, this event is for you.

Read more and sign up.

Networking + Inspiring career stories

Looking to expand your network? Oulu Skills Center is organizing this year’s first event on the 28 of March at BusinessAsema, 17.00–20.00.

Grow your network! Meet and mingle with our talented panelists and others. Hear their career stories and opportunities over some quick snacks and coffee.

Read more and sign up.

Leading and Communicating in Multicultural Teams

How to navigate the dynamics of culturally diverse teams and create a more inclusive workplace able to truly benefit from diversity? This, often challenging, area will be addressed with practical tools and strategies in a complimentary training session held on 30.3.2023. Participating leaders, senior executives and HR professionals will enhance their ability to lead multicultural teams towards more inclusive communication and effective collaboration across cultures.

Read more and register.

Contact us

Face picture of Salla Hirvonen

Salla Hirvonen
Project Management

I’m in charge of Oulu Talent Hub activities. Contact me if you need more information about the project’s services or if you’re seeking contacts.

My work also involves collaboration with local, national and international stakeholders in talent-boosting activities.

In my free time, you can find me at Crossfit, golf or skiing tracks. I also enjoy listening to audiobooks.

+358 40 726 18 42
Face picture of Anna-Kaisa Vääräniemi

Annakaisa Vääräniemi
Communications Coordinator

I’m in charge of Oulu Talent Hub’s communication and marketing. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our website, social media or communication.

I’m always excited when I’m around people and stories. Whether you are an international talent or a company representative, if you’re ready to tell your story on this webpage, let me know.

In my free time, I like dancing and going for long walks with my Shiba Inu. I also love green tea, photography and travelling, especially in Japan.

+358 40 182 9071
Photo of Marja Nousiainen

Marja Nousiainen
Project coordinator
Oulu Chamber of Commerce

I’m a solution-focused person liaising with talent, employees and companies, helping them to better find each other. I’m also responsible for the “Pohjoisen bisneshaltiat” mentoring programme. In a way, I actually work for the whole Oulu region and the city.

When not at work, I’m finishing my doctoral thesis in the field of communication and information sciences. In my free time, I like going outdoors. I love lakes, rivers and forests—pure nature. I also enjoy good stories.

  +358 50 551 9544
Photo of Jyrki Holappa

Jyrki Holappa
Project coordinator
Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk)

I coordinate Oulu Talent Hub activities for Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS). You can contact me if you need more information about the project’s services or you are seeking contacts at OUAS.

My work involves collaboration with OUAS’s international degree students, staff and various partners (including companies in our region).

In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors, taking long walks and cross-country skiing in the wintertime. I also take pleasure in culinary arts and travelling.

Angela Suorsa
Project coordinator
University of Oulu

I coordinate Oulu Talent Hub activities for the University of Oulu.

I am responsible for the university’s Career Services, and I collaborate closely with all our international degree programmes and regional trade and industry stakeholders.

I am social, curious and open-minded with a passion for working with people. I am very interested in overall well-being in life, and I believe life is better when smiling.

+358 50 468 4569