Talent Boost Summit 2021

Talent Boost Summit is an annual event which aims at finding answers to how together with international talents Finland’s labor shortage can be solved as well as creating new innovations and growth. The Summit is aimed at organizations that want to expand their talent pool outside of Finland and among the international talents already living in Finland.

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The integration of international talents as part of work community

Have you thought about how to get international employees to enjoy their new work community? How to integrate them as part of the work culture? Oulu Talent Hub tackles these challenges in its practical training. It takes place on November 4 and is completely free.

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The mentoring program is looking for businesses to mentor

Do you operate in international business and does your company require foreign work force? Or are you planning to become an international business?

We can offer you support. We offer small- to medium-size businesses a unique opportunity to join a mentoring program of International business and recruitment. The purpose of the program is to strengthen the companies’ readiness to recruit and manage a multicultural work force, develop international business and receive peer support from pre-selected business mentors.

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Employing foreign workers

Pop up advice for employers on recruiting foreign workers. Book a personal, free appointment.

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The management and communication of a multicultural work community

How to improve a multicultural work community’s dynamics?

Tools for this, at times even challenging matter, will be offered at Oulu Talent Hub’s free training on December 2. In this training, the participating companies’ human resources and management departments’ readiness to communicate and manage a multicultural work community will be strengthened.

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