The students of Oulu University are more satisfied than in Europe on average

A European survey for students rates Oulu very positively. According to an Indian student Vivek Manjunatha Swamy, studying at Oulu University is safe and help has been readily available during the pandemic.

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International Talent Day 7.10.2021

During the event, international students will become familiar with businesses of their own field. The talent day helps the students to get to know the companies as possible employers.

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Oske – a centralized service for jobseekers

At Oske, Oulu Skills Centre, the customer receives multi-professional support and counselling for identifying their own skills and for promoting their working life and studies.

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Guidance for future citizens of Oulu

We are launching a new online service for people, who are considering moving to Oulu and need guidance before arriving in Oulu.

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