Angela Suorsa helps students on the right career path

Solution designer Angela Suorsa was awarded at the Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year of the University of Oulu for the exemplary implementation of the university’s value of “taking responsibility”. Suorsa, who works at the Career Centre at the University of Oulu, helps about fifty students to find their career paths every month.

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Apply for free Imago coaching now

Are you hoping to develop your company’s employer image, recruitment expertise, or leadership skills that promote diversity? ? In Imago coaching, you will learn what the building blocks of employer image are and how the employer image is linked to business and competitiveness.

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The fast track service is now available

As of 1 June 2022, specialists’, start-up entrepreneurs’ and their family members’ move to Finland will become quicker along with the introduction of the fast track service.

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Meet our prestigious ambassadors

Chiara, Moustafa, Sharmin and Niyati are Oulu Talent Hub ambassadors 2022. Get a glimpse of their life and thoughts!

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Joseph Laku landed his first job in Oulu through the grapevine – “My boss had to draw his instructions for me, because we had no common language“

Joseph Laku from South Sudan has been happy working for the same employer for 15 years. He says that he has adjusted to his work community well. He has no special career plans and hopes to be able to work at Rantek for a long time to come.

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Feedback from international students: Studies at the University of Oulu provide good value for tuition fee

International students have mainly given positive feedback on their studies and study conditions at the University of Oulu in the annual International Student Barometer survey. Among other things, students consider that they get good value for their tuition fees for studies at the University of Oulu.

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Are you recruiting people from abroad?

Support is now available for SMEs to help their employees get settled once they arrive in Finland.

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IMAGO training is starting soon

Is lack of new talent an obstacle to growth in your company? Nationwide IMAGO training is starting soon! It offers practical tools for diverse recruiting and leadership.

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How to tackle the labor shortage and help companies to go global? An interview with Juha Sipilä

Pohjoisen bisneshaltijat is a mentorship network in the Oulu region and Juha Sipilä is a patron of that mentoring program. The aim is that an internationally experienced company can share its experience with companies that want to hire international talent and are exploring international markets.

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Do you want to become an Oulu Talent Hub ambassador?

Do you want to be part of the Oulu Talent Hub network and build connections between international talent and local companies? Our ambassador programme is intended for international employees, researchers, and students.

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